A Complete Guide to Offshoring Companies Pros, Challenges


BOT model could be advantageous to the business but the challenges remain. It could be dealt with by building the gap and being clear in communication. There are three primary models for delivering outsourcing services based on where the services are provided. Worst, these mistakes lead to staff turnover, which then means you lost a year’s worth or more of training and investment in that engineer, designer or whatever position you offshored.

Only firms that set tolerance limits for errors, draw up completion times and productivity norms, and continuously measure employees’ performance are able to move processes offshore. The investment bank drew up several metrics that allowed it to measure its service providers’ performance along each of those dimensions. However, the time the vendors took to develop new systems was below expectations. Not only was Lehman Brothers able to take corrective action, but its focus on continuous measurement also allowed it to quickly ramp up its offshore operations, both in terms of volume and complexity. The banks tolerate very few mistakes, so Office Tiger’s employees can’t learn through trial and error.

In such situations, your company risks losing the vendor if their demands are not met. And if you’re offshoring to countries with lower costs of living, you’ll be able to recruit talent at a cheaper rate than it would cost you to hire in-house or upskill a current employee. Companies are increasingly working with clients and customers all around the world.

How to Conduct Offshoring

They are not closely involved in the company’s strategies and are only engaged with when needed. Yes, when you offshore software development, you still oversee it and keep responsibility for the results. With outsourcing, you delegate the whole development process and rely on the professionalism of the vendor. In March of 2020, it became clear to us that many companies did not need their office premises during the national lockdown. That’s why the Alcor team was actively negotiating with landlords to provide our clients with rent discounts.

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For example, India is a popular offshoring destination for US-based software companies due to the availability of skilled talent at an inexpensive rate. We’ll also highlight some major companies that make use of offshoring services. In this article, we’ll explain everything important about the offshoring process and why your company should be on the list of offshoring companies.

How to Conduct Offshoring

A background in technology or engineering is necessary for this role and you should be excited overall about working within a software driven environment. You should be someone who loves people, solving problems, and is well organized. We want someone who is confident enough to recommend solutions to stakeholders and drive collaborative discussion amongst the team. That means delivering for our clients in a big way and providing our team with the freedom and resources to do just that. We offer an autonomous environment where everyone is focused on the same goals – to do good work, have fun, and maintain a balance between work and life.

A Complete Guide to Offshoring Companies (Pros, Challenges)

Taylor Tompkins has worked for more than a decade as a journalist covering business, finance, and the economy. She has logged thousands of hours interviewing experts, analyzing data, and writing articles to help readers understand economic forces. Learn how you can save money for your small business with some of the best budget apps for small businesses. Additionally, you may want to consider cultural and political differences, as well as the distance between your potential offshore nation and the US – all of these can affect the smoothness of relocating.

This way, your clients can benefit from an almost all-day-long service, especially useful for call center outsourcing. It’s important to have at least a few shared work hours for your in-house and offshore teams. Set two to three-hour slots during the day when both teams can collaborate on work.

The insights you learn will enable you to craft informed, creative solutions with real impact. Tread carefully, but don’t be discouraged by the ‘one-size fits all’ positive and negative assessments of offshoring. As a company it’s important to keep https://globalcloudteam.com/ an open mind when thinking about whether it’s right for you. Now that you know what offshoring is, is it the right choice for your business? Fortunately, tools such as Trello and Slack go a long way to help your employees collaborate effectively.

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A business using outsourcing can often be restricted to a single third-party supplier of raw materials. The outsourcing company may themselves also be limited in the resources they can offer, as well as not necessarily being the most cost-effective. Your fixed presence within a foreign market, as well as your increased knowledge of this market, gives your business a greater chance of accessing resources for lower prices. Additionally, this in-country presence, in comparison to simply outsourcing, reduces the risks involved in knowledge transfer, increasing innovation. A company that establishes a part of its operations abroad enters a new geographical market. You’ll work on back end routines and code, APIs, and various internal and external facing web applications.

Slingshot is looking to hire a talented and passionate wrangler of people, ideas, and problems. This role is for a strategic thinking individual who likes to solve problems and advocates for the user. In this role you’ll be tasked with leading problem solving discussions with clients, stakeholders, designers, and developers. Slingshot is looking to hire talented and passionate senior software developers who are capable and interested in working on .NET based applications and working with Microsoft SQL Server. We want someone who enjoys helping businesses with technology and likes collaboration.

  • Similarly, other areas of your business, in which there is a corresponding lack of skills in your home market may also be worth offshoring.
  • Learn how you can save money for your small business with some of the best budget apps for small businesses.
  • It helped them reduce labor costs, which they could invest in marketing and other areas.
  • The responsibility for tasks such as setting up the office, staffing them with essential workers, and managing it could fall on those vendors.

The client couldn’t cancel the contract with the vendor because it had virtually eliminated its processing capacity. It reluctantly paid the vendor the new price for a year and later shifted all its business to another provider. Second, most organizations don’t take into account all the risks that accompany offshoring.

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This is due to the fact that working conditions can be poor and wages are significantly lower than in the business’s home market. Such an association could of course be detrimental to your business’s public image. Running in to these hurdles is an inevitable part of the offshoring process.

How to Conduct Offshoring

Offshoring is the practice of moving business operations abroad, usually to a developing country. It helps companies take advantage of lower operating costs and vast talent pools to scale their businesses quickly. Contrastingly, with offshore outsourcing your business has more flexibility and is not permanently attached to its outsourcing company. Service providers can, and do, have incentives to behave in ways that reduce companies’ financial benefits from outsourcing. We’ve listed some processes that, our research shows, fall into each category.

Things To Consider When Offshoring

A cultural workshop can help everyone understand their new coworker’s culture and social tendencies. However, tracking time spent by the offshore team on various tasks remains a critical challenge. It is essential to list your company’s needs that cannot be compromised and choose a business model accordingly. Sure, offshoring provides some great benefits, but it may not always be the right option for your business. Offshoring offers multiple opportunities to benefit from economies of scale.

Team-Based Risks

However, supply chain snarls have hampered the global economy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many companies to rethink their offshore manufacturing strategies. F. John Reh is a business management expert, with more than 30 years of experience offshore meaning in software in the field. A writer and journalist over the past 17+ years, he has covered business management for The Balance. At this point, the next step is deciding whether offshoring or outsourcing is the best method of realizing your business interests.

By utilizing an offshore team, your company will be able to work on projects around the clock. By offshoring some of your operations, it’s possible to save money if done correctly with the right set of circumstances. Generally speaking, well defined, repetitive, lower skilled jobs and tasks are great candidates for offshoring. Offshoring refers to moving either an entire business or some activities to a firm in another country. Outsourcing is moving a business function or project to a 3rd party firm, and that firm itself may or may not offshore some or all of it’s operations. Liam Martin is the co-founder of Time Doctor—one of the world’s leading time tracking software for remote teams.

According to a recent survey, 97.6% of employees who switched to remote due to the pandemic said they want to have a remote work option for the rest of their careers. It’s no wonder why — remote provides more freedom, better productivity and home office comfort. However, it eliminates live communication with colleagues, results in higher distraction rates and can lead to anxiety and isolation among co-workers. Finally, there’s the issue of having to travel to check on your offshore locations and teams.

What is Offshoring?

Companies should match organizational structures to needs by considering both the structural and operational risks of offshoring processes. When both the operational and structural risks of offshoring processes are low, companies can outsource them to overseas service providers. As the operational risk of offshoring processes rises, locating them offshore becomes more dangerous. Companies should transfer processes that possess high levels of operational risk to nearby countries rather than to distant overseas locations. When the operational risk is very high, setting up captive centers locally is often the best solution.

However, doing so many increase risks and could become a very costly endeavor in the longer term. An international workforce can help organisations access new markets in other parts of the world. The offshored staff is more likely to provide an informed analysis of the local market, trends, pitfalls that must be avoided and give insights to the most viable destinations for business success.

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