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Here we provide an example of how ABC analysis can help develop a successful behaviour support plan for a child exhibiting challenging behaviour. The use of ABC charts can be particularly valuable for those individuals who may struggle to articulate themselves. In these circumstances, behaviour – including self-injurious behaviour – may be serving as a way for the individual to communicate their wants and needs. This includes people recovering from brain injury, people with dementia, children with special educational needs and individuals with autism. Any and all information discussed is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered tax, legal or investment advice. A referral to a stock or commodity is not an indication to buy or sell that stock or commodity.

harmonic pattern

An ABC letter chart is a must-have for little ones! Print or hang these charts on the wall or use the cut-apart option with our recommended learning activities listed below. The AB leg of the pattern is the initial price move lower, and the BC leg is a retracement of that move.

We’ve designed three your business ABC charts in good and beautiful style, all available as free PDFs. The CD leg of the pattern is another price move lower, which should be equal in length to the AB leg. The ABCD auto detector has identified a bearish ABCD pattern on the chart. The CD leg of the pattern is another price move higher, which should be equal in length to the AB leg. The ABCD auto detector has identified a bullish ABCD pattern on the chart.

ABC Chart

A directional move in pricing represents a significant bullish or bearish change in asset valuations. Directional moves are commonly referred to as “legs” and may be quantified on any duration chart, from one minute to yearly. As a general rule, a directional market is in the midst of a trend. Hopefully this will aid you in developing more effective, meaningful interventions. Finally, we provide you with a template ABC chart which you can download and print for your own use. One thing to take care with when using ABC charts is the possibility for false conclusions.


At the end of collecting ABC observations, review your data and try to formulate a summary statement about the function of the behaviour (for example, using ‘SEAT’). Additionally, try to draw conclusions about the potential triggers and identify any reinforcing consequences of the behaviour. It is a good idea to share this with colleagues to get a second independent opinion about your thoughts. You can then start to plan behaviour management strategies. Although a career working with children can be fun and rewarding, it is not without challenges.

Trading The ABCD

There are even whole books dedicated to using ABA for behaviour management within general school classrooms. Thinking of behaviour in these terms helps to understand why a child is behaving in a particular manner. This allows more meaningful interventions rather than just trying to prevent the behaviour itself.

Firstly, define the specific behaviour you want to address and which is causing you most issues. ABC charts are most commonly used to track just one or two target behaviours at once, because it allows you time to record each instance whilst also managing a class or group. However, you can monitor multiple challenging behaviours in an individual or one particular behaviour across a whole class if you wish. Our Challenging Behaviour training course is recommended for professionals who want to have a better understanding of how to respond to the behaviour of the children that they work with. The course includes a series of activities for you to complete in order to help you relate the information given to your setting.

The chart pattern is a readily discernible, user-friendly technical indicator. It may be applied in a variety of trading strategies facing any time frame and market. However, like all other technical tools, the ABCD is not infallible. For best active trading results, be aware of market state, seek confirmation and always practice sound risk management.

At this point, we are looking for the stock to show strength by setting a higher low on the next dip. Once this higher low is established , we begin planning our trade with a risk at B. Essentially, we are planning for the stock to break above point A for an intraday breakout, and managing our risk accordingly.

bullish abcd pattern

This helps form strategies of behaviour management that are person-centric, and ensures the needs of the individual are fully met. This is important because if the underlying reason for the behaviour is not identified and addressed, then problems may manifest themselves in additional challenging behaviours. More formally, ABC information can be used as just one part of a larger ‘functional behaviour assessment’. An ABC chart for kids is an effective tool to teach alphabets to the children.

Confluences for best trade setups

ABCD patterns might be simple to understand, but trading is a practice that requires a lot of knowledge about technical analysis and being able to read complex data. Many investors make mistakes because they simply read the situation wrong. ABCD is also the easiest of the harmonic patterns to understand and is also one of the most versatile. Being intimately familiar with this pattern, so much that one can easily identify, can make it much easier for one to identify and utilize other chart patterns. For more information about the FXCM’s internal organizational and administrative arrangements for the prevention of conflicts, please refer to the Firms’ Managing Conflicts Policy.

Buying the C leg before the high-of-day breakout typically doesn’t work. The stock gapped up over 15% at the market open the following day. Note the spike in volume at the morning high of the day. Then a sharp pullback to the breakout level formed the B leg. Keep in mind that if you trade penny stocks, these companies aren’t good companies. To be successful at trading penny stocks, you have to sell into the afternoon rally and not get greedy.

The most common mistake traders make is thinking a chart is reflecting an ABCD pattern when it is not. This is a market pattern because of similar waves formation many times in history. Backtest results have proved that it is a reversal chart pattern and price always tends to reverse from point D. Everything in nature occurs after a specified time. If you look at the chart and try to read the price, then you will see natural patterns on the chart. Advance traders trade the repetitive patterns and profit from the market.

Identifying and eliminating any positive consequences of inappropriate behaviour. When describing behaviour in the context of ABC the aim is to be precise and specific. For example, ‘threw book on floor’, ‘ignored request and carried on playing with toy’, ‘tapped pen loudly on desk’, ‘spoke without putting hand up’, ‘got up from chair’. Select a topic to find the most up to date, practical information and resources produced by our experts to support you in your professional life. If you do not agree with any term or provision of our Terms and Conditions you should not use our Site, Services, Content or Information.

  • Periods of low trading volumes and consolidating ranges are not ideal for the ABCD.
  • Allows for the precise placement of the pattern’s first point using a bar number and price.
  • These charts are designed, based on the needs and interests of children.
  • The buy signal is triggered when the price breaks above the high of the BC leg, which confirms the bullish trend continuation.
  • All the resources consistently use the same illustration and word for each letter of the alphabet.

With the ABCD pattern, false buy/sell signals are possible. A prudent use of leverage is advised when trading ABCD trend-following or reversal strategies. Also, positive risk vs reward ratios may be applied by aligning stop losses and profit targets according to the periodic highs or lows included in the pattern.

Since our early age, we start to formulate our own interpretations and view of the world . Biotech stocks are stocks in medical device and drug development companies. Use StocksToTrade’s ‘Top Percent Gainers’ scan in the morning. The higher the volume on the breakout, the better the odds are of it working.

Bullish ABCD Pattern Characteristics (buy at point D)

Additionally, you could identify antecedents that seem to result in a desirable behaviour. Using an ABC chart, the antecedents and consequences of this behaviour were tracked. This was a high frequency behaviour, occurring several times a minute, so in this case a key was used with predefined antecedents and consequences, to speed up recording. Identify situations when the challenging behaviour is most likely to occur so you can take steps to avoid these situations, or know what to expect if the situation is unavoidable. However, sometimes your go-to strategies may not be working. You might have difficulties with a particular child, or there could be a certain class-wide behaviour which frustrates you.

ABCD Pattern: The Bottom Line

In this case, the D point is the market entry-level, stop-loss is placed above the D level, and profit targets are placed at the C and A levels. After the formation of this pattern, the price reverses from bearish into a bullish trend. When trading reversals with the ABCD, its standing as a harmonic indicator requires that guidelines for completion of retracements and legs be established.

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