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Kudzu Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Full Text View

Content Might help treat alcoholism David M. Penetar Kudzu: A Brief History Clinical & Medical Journals Antioxidant Treatment and Alcoholism Natural Remedies for Alcohol Use Disorder Kudzu Root Helps Conquer Alcohol Craving On the other side of the safety issue, Singh et al. evaluated the protective effects of puerarin from kudzu root against alcohol-induced toxicities. […]

How Many Glasses Of Wine Per Week Is Healthy? Effects of Wine

Content Health benefits Medications that decrease stomach acid (H2-Blockers) interacts with WINE WINE ADDICTION- SHORT TERM EFFECTS, LONG TERM EFFECTS AND CONTROL Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Wine VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS CENTER Negative Effects of Excessive Wine Consumption The mutual-help group-counselling approach is one of the most common ways of helping alcoholics maintain sobriety. […]

Should You Go Back to Rehab After a Relapse?

Content Why Do People Relapse? Getting Help For an Addiction Why You Should Consider Going Back to Rehab WE’RE READY TO HELP YOU BEGIN A NEW LIFE Questions About Treatment? Why Didn’t My Previous Addiction Treatment Program Work? There are many different treatment options available, and they all depend on the type of addiction that […]